Things to do near Days Inn Lockerbie

25 January 2019

Situated right on the Annan River and Annandale Water, Days Inn Lockerbie is located around 25 minutes from the English border in a quiet area in Western Scotland.

Whether you’re stopping off during a longer journey, or fancy a quiet weekend in the countryside, here are some top things to do near Days Inn Lockerbie.

1. Dumfries

Although Dumfries might just seem like a sleepy town in the western Scottish countryside, you could easily fill up an afternoon exploring.

A visit to Dumfries wouldn’t be complete without tasting some of the local food or visiting The Little Bakery to try one of the 2019 winning pies of World Scotch Pie Championship!

There’s a couple of museums, such as The Old Bridge House Museum, showcasing the history of everyday life in the town. 

Aside from the town centre, the surrounding countryside is definitely worth a visit too. Caerlaverock Castle and Sweetheart Abbey are both 13th century ruins close to one another, and if you have time, why not go for a stroll around Caerlaverock Nature Reserve?

2. Galloway Forest Park

Travel just one hour from Days Inn Lockerbie and you’ll find yourself at Galloway Forest Park, an area of stunning natural beauty spanning miles along the west of Scotland.

There’s an abundance of wildlife and scenery you can observe as you walk or cycle along the numerous mapped out trails.

However, if you plan to visit in a colder time of the year, there are also scenic driving routes that mean you can explore the local area from the comfort of your own car.

If you happen to fancy some stargazing, Galloway’s Dark Sky Park, with its limited light pollution, is recognised as one of Europe’s best locations for staring up into the night’s sky! 

3. Carlisle

Whichever direction you’re arriving from, if you fancied a trip across the Scottish border and into the UK, Carlisle is the perfect stop from Days Inn Lockerbie.

The city centre has a variety of monuments, such as the Cathedral, Castle and Hardwicke Circle, all in close proximity to view and take in the culture and history of Carlisle.

If you fancy some outdoor fun, Bitts Park is a large green area located in the city centre and home to Urban Adventure, an open-air activity centre with zip-lining, climbing and aerial trekking! 

4. Kielder Water and Forest Park 

Another activity just across the border in England is Kielder Water and Forest Park.

The park has many features similar to Galloway, including the Dark Skies Park and some fabulous outdoor walking trails. But if you’d like a relaxing afternoon on the water, in the warmer months you can take an Osprey Ferry along the Kielder Water - a great way to take in the scenery!

Just don’t forget to treat yourself to a drink at seventeenth century country pub, The Pheasant Inn, while you’re there!

Wrapping up

Days Inn Lockerbie is a convenient stop on any long journey between England and Scotland, and there are also some worthwhile sights to be seen nearby, too.

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