The best things to do near Watford Gap

25 August 2018

Watford Gap has long been one of the most popular service stations for business and leisure travellers and is visited by millions of people every year.

Located conveniently between Daventry and Northampton, it’s the perfect spot to grab some rest in between your travels.

If you’re wondering what you can do near Watford Gap, we’ve picked out four days out that will be perfect for the entire family. Don’t forget to take this list with you!

1. Northampton Town Centre

Northampton is a bustling town and one of the largest in the UK.

Known for its rich history of footwear and home to some big businesses including Carlsberg, it’s a great place to visit if you have several hours to spare.

You can head straight into the town centre from Watford Gap - it’s only around eight miles away. There are shops aplenty, some great eateries and, if you fancy a drink, plenty of fantastic pubs to choose from.

2. Daventry Town Centre

Daventry is a bit smaller than Northampton, but certainly worth a visit if you’ve got some time to kill.

It’s a pretty little place, and although it’s not swimming with shops, bars and restaurants, there’s just enough to keep the family occupied for a few hours.

If you fancy a break from retail therapy, you could always head to the popular Daventry Country Park which also sports a lovely reservoir.

3. Silverstone Race Course

If you’re a motor racing fan or just want a slightly more octane-driven (if you’ll excuse the pun) day out, Silverstone is within easy reach of Watford Gap services.

Home to the British F1, it stages loads of events throughout the year which offer something for the entire family.

For the slightly more adventurous, there’s even drive and ride events you can take part in where you get to drive some of the fastest cars available around the track (with instruction, obviously!).

The official Silverstone website is always worth a browse before you head to Watford Gap, just to see if there’s something on that might take your fancy while you’re there.

4. Althorp Country House

Set in the stunning Northamptonshire countryside, Althorp is a cherished piece of English heritage.

Home to the Spencer family since 1508, the house is open to visitors and regularly holds events from outdoor concerts to food and literary festivals.

Check out the official website to see what’s on, or just take a drive and walk past the grounds, which can be seen from plenty of vantage points during some beautiful Northamptonshire countryside walks.

Days Inn Watford Gap is just 6 miles from Daventry and 8 miles from Northampton, making it the perfect pit stop. It’s perfect for both business and leisure travel and has everything the weary traveller needs to rest after a long day’s adventure.

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