The best things to do near Days Inn Durham

10 October 2018

The Cathedral city of Durham and its surrounding county, close to both coastal and countryside landscape and packed with history, make it the perfect place for both relaxing or adventurous outdoor getaways.

Situated in a great location to explore not only the city of Durham, but its surrounding wealth of natural countryside beauty, this is a great place to visit for all the family.

Here are five top recommendations for things to do near Days Inn Durham.

1. Durham City Centre

The city centre of Durham has a wide range of historical and cultural attractions all in walking distance of the county capital.

You could easily spend more than a day here exploring the many landmarks such as the 11th century Durham Cathedral and Durham Castle, which celebrate the local and national history of England respectively. A tour is required to visit the castle, which you can book here.

You can also find a variety of museums in the city of Durham, including the Museum of Archaeology which holds local pre-historic to post-Medieval artefacts, and the Oriental Museum which explores the archaeology of Far-East.

2. North Pennines

The closest of all national parks from Days Inn Durham is the North Pennines, also known as the Durham Dales.

Spanning over one thousand square miles of natural landscape and recognised as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), there is a wealth of scenic landscape, such as hills, waterfalls and streams to explore.

Recommendations include the beautiful Medieval Raby Castle, which boasts a wealth of monarchical and architectural history, including ties with Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.

Head to Hamsterley Forest where you can cycle along 33 miles trails or take your four-legged-friends through a woodland hike! Whatever your level of adventure, you can find it in the North Pennines!

3. Beamish Open-Air Museum

Just a 20-minute drive from Days Inn Durham, you can enjoy a unique and interactive museum experience at Beamish: The Living Museum of the North.

Be transported back into 19th and early 20th century Northern England as you walk through this open-air demonstration of what town, village and farm-life was like, with a true-to-life representation of Northern industrial heritage.

4. Durham Coast

A short drive east and you’ll find yourself at the Durham Coast, a stunning North Sea coastline spanning from Sunderland to Hartlepool.

You can choose from a variety of scenic coastal walks, or shop ‘til you drop at Dalton Park Outlet, which has over 60 outlet shops.

5. Newcastle Upon Tyne

A short trip north of Days Inn Durham and you’re in the vibrant city of Newcastle. Take advantage of being in the North East by paying a visit to one of the UK’s top-rated cities for tourism, culture and history.

Whether walking or by bus, there are tours of the city’s historic spots for everybody. Or, why not try something a little different and take the Gory Walking Tour of Newcastle? Where you can learn about Tyneside’s most notorious criminals and gangsters.

You can also visit the dockside with bridges over their iconic River Tyne, see a show at one of their theatres or indulge in some retail therapy in one of the shopping arcades or markets.

There are plenty of things to do in and around Durham for people of all ages. Just make sure you’re fully recharged from all of the sightseeing and outdoor activities by booking with Days Inn.

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