Winter Road Journeys - Checklist

24 November 2014

Winter Road Journeys - Checklist

If you’re finding yourself out on a lot of business meetings or family functions this coming December - which involves being on the road for long hours, chances are you may not be familiar with the roads in your area. This time of year can be hazardous, mixing in all the elements such as dark mornings and dark afternoons, extreme cases of weather from rain, through to winds, sleet and snow. It’s good to stay prepared and stay alert we’ve outlined a few basic but simple tips that will help you keep ahead of any mishaps.

Winter Check

Statistically you’re more likely to breakdown in the winter months of the year, which is why a winter check would be worth doing annually. If you find yourself not being too good with cars, there are many big brand car-servicing garages that can provide a winter check-up for your vehicle. This involves a replacement or check of the battery; this is one of the most common causes of breakdowns. Topping up screen wash and antifreeze for car radiator, addition maintenance and checks are given to tyres and lights to ensure safety.

Ice Removal 

Although at times modern cars can take care of most of the ice for you with super heating windscreens, but some times it just needs an extra hand. There are a few cheap solutions for doing this, some people use tepid water to lightly remove the build up of ice, additionally aerosol de-icer or spray based formula can get rid of this quickly, having a good anti-freeze mix within your windscreen wash.

Charged Mobile 

For most people, a mobile phone is often an essential item, but with a lot of smartphones out there consuming battery life quicker than older versions of mobile phones. Battery power is one of them things that we take for granted, but in case of an emergency it’s imperative. Always have either an in-car charger handy, or a portable charging pack.

Gloves, Scarfs

Although we probably end up stuffing all of the junk we collect in our car in the glove box, use this for what is was named for and store your winter gear such as gloves, scarfs or hats. This will be handy for the times when your car is just a little too cold to warm up quickly, as well as being handy in case of vehicle failure – giving you a chance to stay warm.

Drive Carefully

Finally it’s important above all to drive within the speed limit, it may be tempting to go over at times, but with many winter weather conditions these can play havoc on the roads and create additional hazards on the roads and increasing the overall stopping distances.


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