Why a Staycation is a Good Idea in 2015

24 April 2015

Why a Staycation is a Good Idea in 2015

During the 70’s there was a boom in people going a little further afield for a holiday, with many people taking holiday time on the continent, sampling new foods and taking in a bit of new and interesting cultures. Although it’s relatively cheap now to go abroad it’s becoming increasingly popular staying in the UK, it seems like our travel habits have gone full circle and it’s becoming increasingly popular to stay in the UK.

Lots of History

The United Kingdom has a lot of interesting history and a mix of great architecture throughout the length of breadth of the country, this is one of the popular parts for tourists visiting from abroad, so make good use of what we have.

Lots of Towns, Cities & Villages

Although the UK is relatively small compared to other countries in the world, there are over 60 million people living within the British Isles, and these live throughout some of the very many cities, market town, villages and hamlets throughout the country. We have many cities that can suit most interests and tastes, from the open, quiet outdoors like the Peak District and Lake District through to bustling cultural cities such as London, Manchester, Cardiff & Edinburgh.

Save Travel Time 

Depending on where you are currently based in the country will give you a great number of options within just a few hours drive. If you’re comparing this to airport departures there is a lot of time wasted waiting around the departure lounge. Also having the flexibility of your own car or public transport at your disposal can help with giving you a much easier trip to your destination.

Easy Trip Back Home

In case of an emergency a trip abroad can often be one of the worst places to be stranded, whether this is having an issue with a hotel, you or your family member have suffered a bad injury or something has happened at home getting back can be expensive, difficult and time consuming, the great thing about being relatively close to home is the length of it time will take to get back in an emergency.

No Need for Customs or Passports

Going through customs can be a little bit of a drag at times, the great thing about anywhere across the UK is that you don’t need a passport to travel, giving you a huge amount of flexibility. There is also that dreaded though of wanting to go on a spontaneous trip away abroad and discovering your passport has expired.

Check Last Minute Deals or Book in Advance

If you consider yourself a more spontaneous trip goer and like to plan something last minute there are a number of websites that can help you find a good last minute deal for large brands throughout the country, on the other hand there are number of hotel chains such as the Days Inn that are happy to process last minute deals, with rooms available for walk in visitors throughout the UK. Alternatively if you’re thinking about planning in advance for a trip in the future, or you’re planning to need a stopover on your on-going journey. 

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