Tips on a Good Staycation

10 March 2015

Tips on a Good Staycation

If you’ve spent years going away abroad for your summer or spring holiday then you have missed so much that is going on your doorstep. If you are thinking of having a UK staycation then we have suggested a few things you should be aware of before your journey.

Prepare for Long Distance Driving 

Ferrying the children to school and going to and from work may be the only long distance driving you’ll be doing throughout the year and them holidays abroad usually involves a short trip to the airport. Depending on where you are located in the UK, if you wanted to go somewhere a little different then chances are you’re going to be travelling for a couple of hours or more. The UK is much larger than you would expect when driving, and there are so many interesting sights to see from your passenger seat.

To make the journey more comfortable make sure you keep water stocked up so that you can stay hydrated and alert. Remember to have a pit stop and rest bite every couple of hours to reduce fatigue and take a small powernap if needed or swap.

Pre-Plan Route

Technology is on our side when it comes to planning ahead for a trip, use your sat-nav to take you to the door of your accommodation, or use it to find stop off and hotels along the way, there are dozens of hotels to choose from along most popular roads in the UK. Another great tool that most of us are using now are smartphones, using services such as Google Search and Maps can bring up things such as nearby points of interest, restaurants and shops making it ideal for them small stopovers in the cities, towns and villages of the UK.

Somewhere New

The great thing about the UK is that there is so much packed into this small country and such a wide range of landscapes to choose from, from sandy beaches, through to the Highlands of Scotland. With 3 countries to choose from on the mainland England, Wales & Scotland, with hundreds of years of history there is always some new city or town to try in the UK or hop on a ferry over to Northern Ireland.

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