Tips and Hotels for Travelling with Dogs

29 January 2015

Tips and Hotels for Travelling with Dogs

We can understand that when staying in the UK for a break, or on a stopover en route to your destination, that pets can often be hard to accommodate for in a lot of hotel chains throughout the UK, especially for around Christmas time where it’s common for families to be moving around visiting other family members.

Our Days Inn hotels operated by Roadchef are based at 15 locations throughout the country. See below our premises that can cater for pets such as dogs and cats.

  • Kendal
  • Lockerbie
  • Magor
  • Maidstone
  • Sevenoaks
  • Southampton
  • Stafford
  • Taunton
  • Tewkesbury
  • Watford Gap
  • Cannock
  • Chester
  • Chesterfield
  • Durham
  • Hamilton

Our pet friendly accommodation is a great option for pet lovers and there are no ridiculous costs for the privilege of bringing your family pet. Days Inn only requires a £10 charge per pet per night, guests can also bring up to 3 pets per room. We often hear from people staying at our hotel group that this is a great feature to have as a lot of hotels are not willing to accept pets.

Stop at Regularly Intervals

Remember to keep your dog as comfortable as you are whilst driving long distances, try and stop regularly, not only to rest yourself but to give your dog a bit of a place and area to have a sniff around. Always carry a big bottle of water, a dog bowel or even a portable water bowl so that your dog can get a top up.

If you’re on a long journey, across the country it’s recommended to stop periodically for the safety of pets, motorway service stations are dotted throughout the country where you can get out and stretch you and your pet’s legs, a good opportunity for dogs to have a drink of water also. Our hotels are a good solution as a respite for an evening if you’re planning to go further afield.

Great Dog Walking Locations

If you’re coming for a weekend break or a short family trip Days Inn UK have a number of locations situated near great dog walking spots. Kendal is a great destination which is located at the Lake District, with stunning scenery and long walks. Lockerbie is also located in a very rural area where tranquillity and space is in abundance.

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