The world's most unromantic Valentine's Day cards

9 February 2016

The world's most unromantic Valentine's Day cards

It seems there are two types of people in the world when it comes to Valentine's Day - those that love the opportunity to show their affection and undying love for their partner, and those that just don't get it.

Quite a few of our team are of the latter ilk, and we thought we'd find some cards they might want to send to their Valentine should they wish to stop being a grumpy bum and get involved!

Here's what we found!

The anti-social type

valentines cards 1


You'll do



Just give me some space

need sleep


The subtle approach

anti-valentines day card -
(card available from

The anti-consumerism type



or our favourite...

You were just part of the package



Hopefully it's given you some ideas for the unromantic partner in your life! Whatever you're doing for Valentine's Day, we have some great deals on budget rooms across the UK for that last minute getaway! view locations

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