The Warmest Part of the UK

1 May 2015

The Warmest Part of the UK

The UK is a relatively large place when you consider the amount of people living on the British Isles. Looking at how small the country is we can still experience a large difference in weather and climate from one end of the country to another, we’ve labelled below some of the best places to visit if you’re looking to chase a bit of sun. The are based around UK mainland locations and places that exhibit the highest average temperatures of the year.

There are only a handful of places that are warmer than the average of the country; this includes central London, which is typically due to the mass of buildings and man made obstacles that absorb the heat. But there are many locations to stay throughout the city.

The South West of the country is one of the warmest places also, based on its geographical location at one of the most southern points in the country, a fraction closer to the equator. Cornwall is a great and very popular place to visit in the country and a mix of great beaches, friendly folk and blue seas makes this one of the UKs favourite holiday location. 

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