The UK travel bucketlist : top 5 places to visit in the UK

1 February 2016

The UK travel bucketlist : top 5 places to visit i

There are many great sites across the UK given it's rich past and beautiful scenery.

With so many to choose from, we thought we'd suggest our top 5 destinations that will truly give you a sense of what Great Britain has to offer, wherever you decide to visit.

5. Brighton Pavilion - South of England

Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion showcases the eccentricity of British culture and it's Indian and Chinese influence in a palace at the south of England. Built for King George IV as a getaway to cure his gout back in 1786.  Over 400,000 visitors come to see the pavilion each year, which is also licensed for civil marriages and shares it's grounds with it's former stables, now the Brighton Dome which shocases many acts and shows throughout the year. With it's past as an assembly room and military hospital throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries it has some great stories to tell.

4. Hebrides - Scotland

outer hebredes

If you ever get chance to visit the northern terretories of Great Britain, namely Scotland there's some great scenery to be found on a small group of islands known as the Western Isles. Just off the west coast of Scotland they are separated from the Inner Hebredies by the waters of the Minch, the Little Minch and the Sea of the Hebredies and out of the 50+ islands that make up the area, 15 are inhabited by just 27.400. With it's oceanic charm, prehistoric structures and many conservation areas there are some awe inspiring views and unique wildlife both on and offshore.

3. The Peak District - Midlands/North

Peak district

Covering an area that includes Derbyshire, Cheshire, Manchester, Staffordshire and Yorkshire, this vast area is the first national park in the United Kingdom attracting millions of visitors per year. Covering 555 square miles, it lies amidst the hustle and bustle of many large cities and towns, and is a welcome retreat for many explorers, ramblers and nature lovers. Rough pasture, broad-leaved woodlands and many limestone formations make up the hilly terrain, dotted with rivers and reservoirs with small towns and villages offering nearby respite.

2. Arthur's Seat - Scotland

arthurs seat edinburgh

To the North of England and the south east of Scotland lies Edinburgh, not only famous for it's Fringe Festival every year, but for the gruop of hills that form most of Holyrood Park. Rising above the city itself, to a height of 250m, it provides some great views of the region for walkers, ramblers and adventurers who wish to rock climb (permit required). The formations themselves are the remnants of extinct volcanos and are approximately 350 million years old.

1. Roman Baths - Northern England

iStock roman baths

Anyone wishing to explore the north of England, wont go too wrong visiting the city of Bath. Not only does it feature some of the most beautiful architecture in the country, it features a significant functional relic that is the Roman Baths complex. With over a million visitors per year. Although modified at various stages throughout history, the bath itself is still visible with newly constructed areas for public bathing still available.

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