The hot topics of 2015

30 December 2015

The hot topics of 2015

Looking back at a fantastic 2015, we thought we'd delve back into the archives and look at some of the hot topics that got you all talking! Thanks for choosing Days Inn RC on so many business trips and short breaks this year. It realyl has been a pleasure having your company. We hope to see you in 2016 at some of our great locations!

Top tips on a good staycation (March 2015)

"If you’ve spent years going away abroad for your summer or spring holiday then you have missed so much that is going on your doorstep. If you are thinking of having a UK staycation then we have suggested a few things you should be aware of before your journey." Read more

Warm weather for the Beach over the Easter Holidays (April 2015)

"If you’ve managed to get the time off from work recently over the Easter half-term holiday, or you have the kids in tow, there are some top destinations to go to throughout the UK to make best use of the weather. Today and tomorrow are expecting to see temperature ranging from 15 degree Celsius up to 20." Read more

Music festival stopover guide (May 2015)

"If you’re a big music fan and are looking for somewhere reasonable to stay that won’t break the bank the Days Inn can offer a choice of quality venues across the country. We’ve suggested a few places located near some of our branches, recommending some of the best gigs worth visiting around some of the best venues in the country" Read More

Top Places to take the bike out (August 2015)

"July and August is typically the best time of year to get on the bicycle with warm weather and still pretty light nights, it’s an excellent time to jump on the bike and go off somewhere. This is also the time of year where you’re more likely to have the children due to the school holidays, so we’ve suggested the best family friendly routes around the UK, where you’ll be safe with the children going at your own pace." Read More

5 road trip boredom-busters (October 2015)

"If you’re heading out on a road trip this weekend with the family, you’ll no doubt be puzzling over how to keep the kids entertained for a long, dull motorway journey. Equally, you might be wondering how you’ll be able to get through eighteen junctions of the M6!" Read More

The Best GPS apps to get you to your destination (December 2015)

"It's that time of year again, you know the big day that has everyone rushing around like mad, cramming in the shopping and getting in all the long distance family visits in before Christmas. It's no surprise that the roads are just as busy, so with that in mind there's no better way to beat the motorway blues than to get yourself a GPS app and beat the traffic." Read More

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