Taking a Road Trip this Summer?

30 June 2015

Taking a Road Trip this Summer?

After recently celebrating the longest day of the year, this it the best time of year to make good use of the longer summer nights that we have been gifted, meaning more time outside enjoying the warm evenings. If you were looking to take the car out for a short drive, or wanted to go for a spontaneous trip away when the children break up from school 

Whether you choose to stay local or go a little bit further afield on your trip, there are lots of routes that you can take that can offer a great amount of places to stay, with convenient service station hotels located throughout. 

West to East

Driving the width of the UK can make for a manageable journey and is a bit shorter than driving the whole length of the UK.  A short route could start at the Humber from Hull, going through Leeds, Manchester and finishing off in Liverpool, giving you places to stop along the way in some of the most popular Northern locations.

Lands End to John O’Groats

This is a long journey if you have a few spare days free during your time off, but well worth the journey.  If you choose to take the shortest route, this will be approximately 800 miles. The main route taking you up the main spine of the country, with stops mainly around Bristol and Birmingham if you stick to the M5 and M6 routes. This will take a few days to complete casually if you want to take plenty of rest stops and stopovers along the way, as long distance driving can cause fatigue and potentially be dangerous.

Riding the Coast

There are plenty of popular roads in the UK that run parallel or close to the sea front, if you’re looking for a nice relaxing route, with a sea view there are many country back routes or A-roads that can be taken. The a487 in West Wales can give you a good view of the west coast, whereas the A76/77 road in Scotland can take you around some of the coastline of West Scotland. The A1 from Edinburgh can be a pleasing ride taking your ride down to Newcastle upon Tyne.

National Park Crawl

There are plenty of natural outdoor spots, which can be appreciated in the UK. With lots of pockets of national parks and forests dotted throughout the country. There is always a bit of nature never too far away. In the south of the country in the New Forest National park located close to Southampton offering unspoiled landscape, the South Downs National Park encompasses a large proportion of the South coast from Southampton to Eastbourne. In the Midland area and further up north include the Peak District National Park, the Lake District National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park. 

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