Spring Time - Perfect for Dog Walking

27 March 2015

Spring Time - Perfect for Dog Walking

The winter makes for a grim time to go outside for a walk with the dog, with not too many hours of daylight and a lot of cold, windy and wet weather, the responsibility of taking the dog out over the late autumn and winter months can seem like a very uncomfortable chore. Like a lot of dog owners you may just like the great outdoors and having a dog with you just gives you a little company. 

Spring is just around the corner and with the length of day increasing everyday, as well as the clocks changing forward, this will give you a little more time after work to take your dog out for a stroll.


Making your dog as comfortable as possible in the car is important for the well being of your animal. According to the Highway Code in the UK, all animals travelling in a vehicle must be suitably restrained, to minimise distractions whilst driving, and from another safety standpoint to save further injury in the event of a crash. Your dog should be in a travel container, within the boot of your vehicle designated for the animals or with a harness attached to the seatbelt.

Taking on Holiday

Taking a dog away on holiday with you can often be a complicated process, if you’re going abroad a dog passport is required, basically this has to be done long in advance, working alongside your vet to make sure that they are healthy enough to travel and not carrying any harmful diseases. Although this is time consuming and often expensive, it can make a great holiday having your pets there if your travelling to parts of Europe in a car.

Having a UK staycation is one of the best solutions if you wanted to go for a spontaneous trip away with the dog and family. Many hotels including Days Inn Services hotels accept dogs in rooms, which makes it a far easier solution and perhaps cheaper than putting the dog in a kennel. Certain Bed and Breakfasts and larger hotel brands have different policies when accommodating for a dog, so it’s best to check in advance before you stay at your chosen hotel.

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