Ridiculous Hotel Requests

2 June 2016

Ridiculous Hotel Requests

It can often be boring travelling around the country on business. You spend most of the evening alone in your room with nothing to look forward to than then sandwiches at tomorrow's meeting. How could you make your hotel stays more interesting? By making ridiculous requests when booking your room of course!

One businessman has made it his quest to come up with the most random requirements when booking his hotel rooms, and usually the hotels fulfill them! Everything from photographs of Christoper Walken to pillow forts and individually placed M&Ms on the bedside table!



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Some suggestions for your next booking:

Here's a list we came up with that you might want to try out when booking your next hotel stay.

  • "Would it be possible to leave a £5 note under the pillow as my tooth is loose and my tooth fairy lives at home?"
  • "If it's not too much trouble, could you leave an assortment of pens on the bed, arranged in the shape of a cat?"
  • "Please could we have a large array of cups and mugs left in the sink?"
  • "If at all possible, we would like a photograph of david hasselhoff's legs by the bedside"
  • "We would like placenames left on each pillow - one reading 'Night then' and the other 'whatever'.
  • "Would it be possible to build a tent using a blanket between the beds?"
  • "If possible we will be needing 6 extra kettles & a large quantity of butter"
  • "Would you be able to make a path from the door to the window using A4 sheets of paper?"
  • "Please could you arrange for a breakfast to be paid for by the adjacent room?"
  • "We require a print out of a cat standing only on it's hind legs placed under each pillow"
  • "Please make some pretend petals out of paper and arrange them on the bed in the shape of a lawnmower"

If nothing else, it goes to prove that there are still ways to make boring trips fun! 

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