M1 Rest Breaks in the Midlands

10 November 2014

M1 Rest Breaks in the Midlands

If you’re en-route to the other side of the country from the North or the south, chances are that you will need to pace throughout the midlands; the M1 offers connections to a wide variety of areas and sights across the midlands.

Northamptonshire by be one of the stops along the way, not too far from the outskirts of London, this is often a convenient place to stop for a rest-bite at the Roadchef service station, Watford Gap service station is a popular destination and one of the oldest service stations in the country with a reputation for being a stopover for 1960’s rock bands. It is located in Northamptonshire, which makes it a good stopover if you were heading from a long drive south, giving you a good distance to the capital as well as further south if you were intended to go overseas.

A little further up the M1 is Leicestershire, this gives you excellent routes to other parts of the midlands including a short journey to the West Midlands and the Birmingham area. Leicestershire offer a Welcome Break, and a convenient route into the city if you wanted to visit the National Space Centre.

The Chesterfield Tibshelf Services offers connections to both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire areas and is located between junction 28 and 29. This stop makes an excellent area for travellers. It is also a short drive away from the Peak District National Park and not too much a long journey to the Sheffield area.

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