How to take a UK holiday safely as a family

4 July 2017

How to take a UK holiday safely as a family

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There’s no escaping the fact that we’re living in a world that continually reminds us how vigilant we must be about our personal safety.

If you’re about to plan a family holiday and have chosen to stay in the UK, you’ll no doubt be wondering how to undertake a trip that is both fun and safe.

And, let’s be honest - holidays are all about having fun!

Thankfully, taking care of your family while holidaying in this country is remarkably easy. In fact, the things you need to do haven’t really changed for decades.

Here’s five brilliantly simple tips for planning a safe family holiday in the UK:

1. Do your research

Before you head to your chosen destination, perform plenty of research to get a feel for the area. The more you know about it, the better you can plan your daily activities.

Be careful with internet research, because one person’s bad experience may unfairly paint a poor picture of a destination, but if you stick to official tourism guides and take a cautious glance at TripAdvisor, you’ll soon work out where to visit and where to avoid.

2. Prepare the kids

OK, so you’re staying in this country, but no two counties are the same, and if you’re travelling somewhere the kids haven’t been before, it’s sensible to prepare them for the visit.

You certainly don’t want to rain on their parade or take all the fun out of the trip; instead, explain to them a bit about the area and what you’ve discovered during your research (without scaring them, obviously!).

Lastly, take this opportunity to remind the youngest in your family that they should be within eye-shot of you at all times - particularly in crowded areas.

3. Keep your devices charged

The reliance placed on small touchscreen devices by modern society may have resulted in endless swarms of so-called ‘smartphone zombies’, but there’s a massive benefit to carrying a telephone-come-internet device in your pocket.

That is… until its battery runs dry. Then, you’re stuck.

Before you head out for the day, make sure every mobile phone that resides within your group is fully charged. If possible, invest in one or two battery packs, too, which enable you to charge devices while out and about.

Remember - your smartphone could become the saviour if you need to make an urgent call or navigate your way back to the hotel.

4. Be strategic with the contents of your wallet

We may be fast approaching a cashless society, but the humble wallet remains a brilliant travel companion.

Just be careful what you stuff in it.

Make sure you have all ID required, a credit card and enough ‘get-me-out-of-trouble’ money. Don’t stuff wads of cash in there; if it gets stolen, you’ll rue that particular trip to the cash point.

5. Grab a photo of your children

A recurring nightmare for most parents is losing their child in crowded public arenas, and for that reason, this step might feel rather unsavoury, but it’s well worth undertaking.

Chances are, you’ll have plenty of photos on your phone of your kids anyway, but by taking a quick snap of them when you reach your destination, you’ll have something that can immediately be shown to people if they happen to slip the leash.

Just don’t tell them that’s the reason for the photo - the more adventurous kids might see it as a free ticket to go wandering without your permission.

Final thoughts

Despite what we see almost daily in the news, there has never been a safer time to travel as a family. With a bit of forethought and reliance on modern tech, your family holiday will be both safe and capable of bringing everyone closer together.

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