How to plan the perfect 2018 UK staycation

29 December 2017

How to plan the perfect 2018 UK staycation

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More and more people are turning to their doorstep when it comes to the annual family holiday. And why not? The UK offers some of the most fantastic places to visit and unwind!

If you’re planning a holiday for 2018 which won’t involve any form of stressful air travel, we’ve got some tips on making it a staycation that every member of the family will cherish for a very long time.

Pick somewhere you’ve never been to before

Take a look at a map of the UK. What takes your fancy?

Perhaps you’ve never been to the Lake District before, or maybe the coast of the south west has always inspired you with its beauty whenever you’ve seen it on TV.

Whatever tickles your fancy for 2018, try and find somewhere you’ve never been to before. It shouldn’t be difficult - the UK is such an explorable place.

Plan all of your day trips in advance

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your staycation destination only to find that you’re not entirely sure how to fill your days.

This is why it makes sense to plan your day trips in advance. It might feel a bit tedious, but the more planning you do now, the less time you’ll spend during the holiday twiddling your thumbs or desperately searching for a way to entertain the kids.

Make the most of no luggage limits

Whenever you head abroad for holiday, you have to comply with luggage restrictions. With a staycation, you can take as much as the boot of your car allows!

Make the most of this by not limiting your luggage. Take everything you could possibly need (without overloading the car), and don’t be too worried about overpacking - it won’t cause you any hassle or extra expense, after all.

Plan your restaurant visits

More planning? Afraid so! Only, this is rather fun.

Depending on where you’ll be staying in the UK, you may well end up cooking for yourself, but it’s important to sample the local restaurant scene, too. You’re on holiday, after all!

Before you head off, perform a bit of Google research on the best local restaurants, and make note of those that take your fancy. Again, this will save you scrabbling around during your time there when everyone starts to get hungry.

Go explore

From sweeping fells to kid-friendly activity parks, the UK is full of outdoor destinations that are just begging to be explored.

When picking your destination, take into account the surrounding countryside and outdoor activities. Make sure you’re within reach of the stuff that will get you out of the hotel and at one with nature.

Consider taking your bikes

If your car can take a bike rack, consider investing in one. A great way to enjoy a staycation is for the entire family to have the option of cycling around the local area.

You could take your bikes to the park, around a local attraction or on one of the countless national cycle routes that make their way through the UK.

Wrapping up

2018 is the perfect year to treat the family to a staycation in this wonderful country. Use our tips above and you’ll create memories that last a lifetime and make you wonder why you ever considered leaving this exciting island!

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