How to kill time in a hotel room

21 September 2016

How to kill time in a hotel room

Hotel rooms are the perfect bolt hole during long business trips or those exciting times when you’re en route to the airport for a much-needed holiday and need to bed down for the night before taking to the air.

Unfortunately, hotel rooms are often places in which you need to kill time. Perhaps you don’t want to head out and explore the local area. Maybe you’re waiting for an important call. Whatever your reason for occupying a hotel room for an extended period of time, you’ll be glad to hear you can do an awful lot more than twiddle your thumbs and flick through the endless TV channels.

If you’ve got a hotel stay looming and you know you’ll need to kill a serious amount of time in the room, we’ve got some ideas that’ll keep you amused and which we suspect you won’t have thought of:

1. Write something

If you’re a writer by trade, skip to the next idea, but if you don’t traditionally take pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) in order to write something creative, give it a go.

You don’t have to be William Shakespeare to write fiction. All you need is a brain (you’ve got one of those), a writing implement (laptop, hotel notepad - anything) and some time (you’ve definitely got that).

Just write. Write about past experiences, desires or things you intend to do tomorrow. You may be surprised by how quickly the hours pass and - you never know - you might discover a new talent.

2. Learn how to use your smartphone’s camera (properly)

Most of us regularly take photos with our smartphones, but for those who don’t take a particularly active interest in photography, such endeavours usually extend as far as holding the device up and pressing the capture button.

Now you have some time on your hands, your can really get to know your smartphone’s camera. Most offer near professional-level control and enable you to get really creative. Have a play with the controls and snap away at interesting items in your room. Pretend you’re David Bailey.

3. Draw

Open the curtains and take a look out of the window. It doesn’t matter what view you’ve been given - be it a large lake-filled vista or the local supermarket - have a go at drawing what you see.

Like writing, there are few better ways to while away the hours than draw, no matter your skill level.

4. Dance

On your own? Who cares? Rid yourself of the stresses of the day by playing your favourite tunes on your smartphone and dancing away. No one can see you and it’ll make you feel better - we promise.

5. Do nothing

Yep, this really is an option. Chances are, like so many people these days, you live an incredibly busy lifestyle.

Take this wonderful opportunity to rest by doing just that. Do nothing. Sleep; meditate; enjoy being alive.

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