Hotels in Durham for Countryside and Coast

11 July 2012

Hotels in Durham for Countryside and Coast

For any visitor staying in hotels in Durham, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities to take part in outdoor activities. Aside from Durham's vibrant city centre, it has a beautiful countryside and coastal location and this makes it a great place for an active weekend. For those who enjoy walking, there are plenty of walks that will take trekkers through the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside Durham has to offer, such as the Derwent Valley Walk.

This takes walkers through one of England’s oldest villages, situated on the glistening River Derwent. There is also the High Force and Upper Teesdale Walk, which takes you through the North Pennines Area, glimpsing some marvellous waterfalls along the way. For those who prefer using wheels rather than having sore feet, the Hamsterley Forest is an excellent place for mountain bikers and offers cycle hire as well. If you'd prefer a much more laid back activity, Durham offers plenty of golf courses, such as the Mount Oswald Manor and Golf Course, set in the luxurious grounds of the Manor. This is only a brief list of some of the places on offer. For full lists and leaflets of outdoor activities, see any of the hotels in Durham for more information.

The Durham Coast

The Durham Coast is not far from the hotels in Durham and so is perfect for tourists looking to sample that invigorating air that comes right off of the North Sea. Though the coastline was originally scarred by Cole Mining, this has all been restored and, thankfully, beautiful wild flora and fauna have returned to the cliff tops; the hiding place of many smugglers who would stow away inside the natural caves. It has been a coast subject to much change, both natural and man-made, and as such offers some interesting sights for nature lovers.

Beautiful Countryside Surrounding Durham

After relaxing in hotels in Durham for a night, many tourists enjoy simply escaping to the ancient countryside that surrounds the city. As said before, Durham’s countryside contains many unspoiled rural villages and picturesque views but, should you wish to gain more excitement from the natural surroundings, why not try out some of the adventure sports on offer? Durham’s countryside offers a wealth of exhilarating activities such as off-road driving, high rope courses, archery, clay pigeon shooting, quad biking and even sky-diving at the Peterlee Parachute Centre. There are many different places that offer these types of activities, so no daring tourist has an excuse not to take part! Again, more information is available when you check into hotels in Durham.

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