Historic Breaks with Days Inn UK; Tewkesbury

22 February 2013

Historic Breaks with Days Inn UK; Tewkesbury

The historic town of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire boasts a fantastic location next to the beautiful River Severn and should certainly be on your Days Inn UK destination wish list. In addition to its beautiful surroundings, the town is bursting with the history and heritage that will excite visitors, young and old. The locals celebrate Tewkesbury’s history with a number of events and attractions and are more than happy to share these experiences with people visiting on their short break.

Discover the Town’s Architectural Gems

Start your history hunt with a visit to the town’s Heritage and Tourist Information Centre. As well as offering all the information you need during your stay, the building itself provides the perfect first stop on your history and heritage tour. The charming building, which was formerly a hat shop, sits at the heart of the town centre and is the perfect example of a beautifully restored 17th century building. Next stop, Tewkesbury Abbey; built at the turn of the 11th century, the abbey has an impressive collection of medieval monuments and ancient tombs. Admire the beautiful church windows during your visit to the Abbey and its grounds. Don’t forget to admire the stunning surroundings the town is blessed with too, take a boat trip along the River Severn and see the countryside and its wildlife in all its glory.

See History Come to Life

As well as being home to lots of beautiful period buildings, Tewkesbury was once at the centre of history. Back in 1471, the fields just south of Tewkesbury Abbey were the battlegrounds of the Wars of the Roses, which saw the house of York and house of Lancaster locked in a bloody battle. Visitors can tread the once chaotic grounds with a guided tour or follow the battle trail and learn more about the war exactly where it happened. If you haven’t quite had your fill of history, head to Tewkesbury Museum. With a range of exhibitions, the museum tells you more about the Battle of Tewkesbury, daily life in the town some centuries ago and many more events in local history. Learn more about natural history at the nearby John Moore Museum. Set in a beautiful 15th century timber framed building, the museum has a range of collections, workshops and activities made for history-loving visitors.

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