Head for the beach! UK set for sizzling hot summer!

9 June 2016

Head for the beach! UK set for sizzling hot summer

We've already seen some of the hottest days of the year hit in April and May and June has been off to a scorching start too! Forecasters have been predicting the rise in temperature to continue over summer with estimates that this year could beat the previous heat record of 38.5C as the extreme heatwaves sweep in from the continent.

In fact, June, July and August should be exactly like we remember it as kids! Water fights and ice lollies at the ready!

temp soar

So, what brings this freakishly hot summer to the UK?

A "rare set of meteorological circumstances", according to The Mirror newpsaper which suggests swelteringly hot air from Africa and Continent sweep in after a "dramatic northwards swing in the jet stream". James Madden, a forecaster for Exacta Weather said Britain is heading towards a 'baking summer' thanks to the high pressure building over Bermuda.

We've had a fair few super-hot summers in the past with pundits guestimating 'indian summers' and 'arctic winters' seemingly at the start of every new season. The truth is, our weather tends to average out around the same year-to-year.

Where's the hottest places?

The hottest parts of the country are down in the East and South East, with average temperates for summer months hitting the 21+ mark for the last 30 odd years. The North West, Wales and Northern Ireland tend to average between 17 and 19 degrees celcius over the same period while the coldest regions range from below 14 degrees with maximums of 18 up in North West Scotland.

On record, the hottest temperatures reached in the UK date back to 1976 where temperatures soared to a blistering 30C (86F) which lasted for a consecutive 16 days at London's Heathrow, while weather reports for the same year in June saw 15 days of 32.2C!

So, scrap your foreign holidays and start booking your UK seaside break!

britains best beaches

Top 5 UK beaches:

In a recent report by The Telegraph, we can reveal the top UK beaches if you're planning your summer holiday getaway:

5. Blackpool Sands
Just three miles south of Dartmouth and far from the screams and arcades of the Lancashire hen party destination, this privately managed beach stretches only 200m and offers a fine shingle crescent of tranquility. Perfect for swimming in it's turquoise waters and a fantastic retreat for paddle boarding and kayaking.

4. Saunton Sands
One of the largest sand dune systems in Britain, this three-mile stretch is Braunton Burrows in North Devon the home of many rare plants and butterflies.

3. Pentle Bay, Tresco
Where? I hear you cry. The Isles of Scilly. Just off the South West foot of the mainland lies a group of islands that are a hidden gem in the crown of British tourism. Bleached white sand, emerald ocean and as much sun as you can take in. It's hard to believe you are still in the UK!

2. Porthcurno, Lands End.
Hilly green cliffs surround a secluded cove of white gold sands and light green sea. Best at low tide, you can walk to the series of bays which all offer that great excape for familes or hide away on the nudist beach if that's more your scene!

1. Watergate Bay, Newquay
Situated on the south west 'foot' of the UK sits Newquay, backed by golden sands, cliffs and caves, the Atlantic ocean swells and rumbles in to provide a great spot for surfers and wildlife with traction kiting a popular beach sport while peregrine falcons, gulls and fulmars all circle above.

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