From Maidstone to Sevenoaks: Parks & Reserves to Visit

17 November 2014

From Maidstone to Sevenoaks: Parks & Reserves

If you’re visiting the north of Kent over these winter months and you’re struggling for something to do, the Days Inn have suggested a few places that you can visit near Maidstone and Sevenoaks that are not too far away to drive and are great places to walk around if you’re feeling energetic.

Knole Park

Located just outside of Sevenoaks, Knole Park is located in a medieval deer park offering idyllic outdoor walking as well as historic Knole House. Textiles enthusiasts will be pleased to see the use of seventeenth century tapestries and furniture and art lovers will find Reynolds, Gainsborough and Van Dyck to admire. A new bookshop and café area is due for completion in 2015, but an outdoor café is available and open all year.

Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve

Just north of Sevenoaks, close to the M26 is the Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve has roughly equal proportions of water and land, making it ideal for both animal watching and walking activities. Featuring a mix of ponds and habitats, flooded pools and woodlands. If you’re into a little bit of nature watching, this is an excellent site for birds and other animal. As well as offering a diverse mix of plantlife and fungi.

Leybourne Lakes Country Park

Journeying east from Sevenoaks, located close to the village of Aylesford is The Leybourne Lakes Country Park, an award winning country park offering a broad mix of grasslands, lakes, marsh and woodlands. The park is comprised of 93 hectares of wildlife. During the colder months of the year, one of the highlights include the wildfowl population and tufted ducks.

Mote Park

This is considered to be one of Maidstone's largest parks comprised of more than 450 acres of parkland, giving a great place to walk around with the family. The park also has a 30 acre lake providing recreational activities including Pitch & Putt, children’s area and football pitches. The cafeteria is open all year including the colder months, giving you a place to sit and warm up on the colder days. 

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