Dog Walking Beaches UK

3 June 2015

Dog Walking Beaches UK

Now that the weather is improving for the year you may be tempted to take more day trips out with the dog, but some of the most popular destinations for beaches in the UK have certain restrictions on walking dogs during certain times of year.

Dependant on the type of beach you’re visiting will enforce certain restrictions; such as making sure the dog is on a lead or not allowing the dog whatsoever on the beach. These beeches often apply to the more popular destinations for families during the late spring and early autumn month of the Year.

We’ve suggested a few of the top places in the UK to visit, located not too far away from our hotels, making them ideal stop offs if you’re off on a spontaneous staycation with you pet this summer.

Broadstairs Beach 

Broadstairs Beach id close to Margate and offers a choice of independent shops and a few places to take a sit down and have a cup of tea after a long dog walk. Dogs are allowed any time of the year at nearby beaches such as Dumpton Gap and Kingsgate Bay. 

Snettisham Beach

Hunstanton is within walking distance of Snettisham, a long beach that can keep you walking for hours, and continues north past the popular seaside town of Hunstanton, which has certain restriction at certain times of the year often requiring your dog to stay on the promenade with dogs on leads.. The Snettisham area is very quiet and relaxed which makes it an even more pleasant and enjoyable walk.


Milford-on-Sea is located south of the New Forest National Park, just across the water is the Isle of Wight. This is considered to be one of the last remaining seaside villages in Hampshire, offering great views of the ocean and surrounding land. The village itself has a number of quaint shops, can cliff top walks. Dogs are allowed on the beach, as long as owners up any animal droppings. 

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