Cat Hotels

19 January 2016

Cat Hotels

It's a great time to be a cat in UK! Check out these superb 5-star escapes for your feline friends this spring!

This family business in Hampshire offer cat owners the glamour and excitement of a human 5 star hotel! Hotel Cat is a luxury cat residence offering spacious suites, full-sized beds and skype calls to their owners! With food served in china bowls, constant cuddles and in-room televisions it's a wonder any cat would want to leave! They offer spacious rooms, interconnected suites and great views as well as all the glitz you'd expect at the Ritz!

luxury cattery home the cat hotel hampshire2

Owner Jackie says "Animals mean the world to us. We run our lives around their needs and spend all our money on them!" A stay at the Hotel Cat will cost you between £21 and £35 per day.

It's not the only one either! A quick search reveals it's more popular than ever right now, with owners wanting to leave their cats with nothing but the best while they're on their own travels, and why not?! 

Longcroft cat hotels are a well-established chain of luxury cat accomodation and offer 10 locations to choose from! With ornate beds for your purry pal to lounge on and their own climbing playground to stretch their legs and dart around when the mood takes them. They even offer a mini-bar where you can opt to treat them with cat milk, dreamies and treat sticks for the ultimate hotel snacks or why not opt for a spa day? You can choose from two spa day options for kitty including an indulgent full body groom, undercoat removal, massage and eye/ear cleansing along with a relaxing paw massage and treats to finish!

longcroft cat hotel braintree 2

A stay at the Longcroft 5-star cat hotel will cost you between £17 and £20 per day, with facilities for multiple cats ranging from £27-80 per day.


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