Art or just creepy? This hotel in Berlin offers a truly unique stay

25 January 2016

Art or just creepy? This hotel in Berlin offers a

If you're heading over to Berlin anytime soon, you'd find the usual amount of options any large city offers for travellers, explorers and business-people alike. However, you'd be hard pressed to find anything as unusual as the Propeller Island City Lodge.

With 45 rooms available, it's not the biggest hotel in the world, but it sure is the creepiest!

Just a few of the options available include:

A room with suspended bed hanging from ropes in the ceilling and surrounded by giant wooden beam structures. Be advised you'll need a ladder to climb up.

creepy hotel 4poster

A 'highlight' of the hotel's accomodation is their Kaleidoscope room which is decorated entirely with mirrors, so definitely one for those who are comfortable with the way they look naked!

kaleidoscoperoom weird hotels

If you're looking for something more industrial, why not stay in their abandondoned warehouse room. A long thing room consisting of rough, oddly shaped walls, black and yellow tape, and lit through corrugated panels. The rooms is slightly tilted giving each bed a level of it's own. We imagine it would be a bit like sleeping in your garage, but a bit warmer!

derelict warehouse hotel

Here's one for the romantics, it features a rotating bed that can be turned constantly while you sleep, a high ceiling and it's fair share of distressed wall features and ropes.

rotating bed hotel

Or maybe the pièce de résistance is their creepy gothic coffin room, which sleeps two in the coffins and features a wooden labryinth of wooden structures underneath the floow leading to comfier beds if you change your mind! 

coffins bedroom hotel

It seems they've thought of everything! If you are a lover of art, weird things and can sleep anywhere, we'd highly recommend you check it out! If you're like us, we prefer a more calm, serene environment with big pillows and a TV!

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