8 awesome packing tips for hotel stays

31 October 2017

8 awesome packing tips for hotel stays

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If you’ve ever spent far too long sitting and jumping up and down on your suitcase in a fruitless effort to make it shut, you’ll know how hard it can be to pack for a hotel stay.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying away for one night or an entire week - your suitcase always seems to be far too small for the task in hand.

Don’t worry - help is here! We’ve got eight brilliant packing tips for anyone who has a hotel stay on the horizon. By using a combination of the following, you’ll be able to safely take everything you need and spend far less time than usual preparing for the trip:

1. Work from a list

It might feel laborious and a waste of time, but if you create a list of the stuff you need to take before packing, you’ll ensure you don’t overpack and - crucially - won’t forget anything.

2. Roll up, roll up

You’ll have no desire to iron everything once checked into the hotel, but you can avoid this by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Alternatively, use vacuum compression bags.

3. Fill all dead space

Suitcases are unbelievably smart when it comes to space, but are easily misused, too. Avoid this by making use of every spare corner you can find. Socks, chargers and other small items will fit into the smallest of crannies.

4. Keep it fresh

If you’re concerned about your clothes remaining fresh during a long trip, try adding a small bag of potpourri to the case - it’ll make the world of difference.

5. Use ziplock bags for fiddly stuff

You’ll probably have a bunch of fiddly bits and pieces you need to take with you. To keep everything organised, use ziplock bags to keep similar items (such as toiletries) neatly together and safe.

6. Hide money

If you need to store travel money somewhere, consider placing it in an empty sun tan lotion bottle or similar. Thieves are unlikely to look in locations like that and if you retrieve your luggage following theft, it stands a good chance of still being there.

7. Ask for help

Packing for a longer trip can be pretty stressful, which is why it pays to ask a friend for help, if possible. They’ll help you with the process of packing but also be available to stop you from packing too much.

8. Do your best to avoid stains

If you’re carrying liquids in your suitcase, the last thing you want is for their containers to split, open or in some other way launch their contents onto your clothing in transit. Avoid this with the aforementioned ziplock bags - or pack them separately!

Wrapping up

Still scared of packing for your next trip? Thought not! Keep our handy list above by your side whenever you need to fill that suitcase.

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