6 essential pieces of tech for the savvy business traveller

27 September 2017

6 essential pieces of tech for the savvy business

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We welcome plenty of business travellers through our doors at Days Inn, and it’s clear that tech plays a vitally important role during their stay.

From keeping in touch with the office to remaining productive and always having something close by with which to entertain oneself, we thankfully live in a world full of awesome tech that makes business travel far less stressful.

Consider this blog post your handy, pocket-sized guide to the essential technology every modern business traveller needs.

1. A smartphone battery case

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll be taking your smartphone with you on every business trip, hence it not being on this list.

What you might forget, however, is some extra ‘juice’ that’ll keep it going for longer when plug points are nowhere in sight.

Smartphone battery case are great ways to both protect your expensive device and extend its lifetime on the road.

By integrating batteries within cases, manufacturers are able to offer smartphone users more time on the road for browsing, calling and navigating. It breathes new life into your phone - trust us.

2. USB charging blocks

Sorry - we’re sticking with the subject of batteries - but that’s for good reason.

We all carry around a number of devices that need charging. Beyond the humble smartphone, we’re increasingly wearing smartwatches or fitness trackers, but if you’re travelling for business, you can usually add a laptop and tablet to the list of battery-hungry tech.

USB charging blocks enable you to charge devices on the road when you can’t plug them into a wall socket. Just make sure you pack a couple; they’ll almost certainly save your bacon on several occasions.

3. Streaming TV apps

As great as our hotel in-room entertainment is, sometimes you just want your home TV comforts, therefore if you pack your tablet on a business trip, make sure it has a few streaming TV apps installed on it.

In the UK, all of the major network channels offer such apps, and most will even let you download content to your device to watch later, without the need for an internet connection.

4. USB speaker

When you unwind in your hotel room at the end of a day full of meetings and remote working, a dose of your favourite tunes can be just the tonic.

Rather than relying on the tiny speakers in your smartphone to provide a soundtrack, why not pack a USB speaker with a bit more punch? Most still remain compact enough to stuff into your suitcase and the ease of connection via bluetooth means you can be kicking back with your favourite tracks in no time at all.

5. A ‘pro’ tablet

Obviously, not mentioning any specific names, there are now a number of tablets on the market that can legitimately be termed ‘laptop replacements’.

They usually include some form of integrated keyboard cover and will run all of the apps you’re used to on your laptop. They’re just far smaller, generally have much better batteries and - most importantly - enable you to take less stuff on business trips.

If the budget stretches, give one a try - you may never pick up your laptop again.

6. Smartwatch

Since Apple introduced the Apple Watch in 2015, there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of people proudly displaying tiny computers on their wrist.

Smartwatches offer a couple of benefits for business travellers. Firstly, they provide a convenient and unobtrusive way to receive and view important notifications (texts from loved ones, emails from the office - that kind of thing), and, secondly, they do a great job of keeping you active.

With built-in heart rate monitors and activity features designed to motivate you into burning calories each day, a smartwatch will ensure your health doesn’t suffer when travelling for business.

Wrapping up

We hope this list proves useful for your business trips. Technology is your friend on the road - just remember not to rely on it too heavily!

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