5 road trip boredom-busters

28 October 2015

5 road trip boredom-busters

If you’re heading out on a road trip this weekend with the family, you’ll no doubt be puzzling over how to keep the kids entertained for a long, dull motorway journey. Equally, you might be wondering how you’ll be able to get through eighteen junctions of the M6!

Well, worry not, for we have five brilliant boredom-busting tips for the little (and not-so-little) ones!

1. Journey map

Your kids will no doubt be excited about where they’re going, so why not take advantage of the fact and print off a Google Maps journey planner for them to follow as you drive? Even better, turn it into a treasure map and include a couple of stops on the way!

2. Photo competition

If you’ve got two kids, this is a great way to harness modern technology in order to keep them amused. Give them both a smartphone, tablet or point-and-shoot camera and tell them to take photos during the journey. The best selection wins a prize, although, obviously, you’ll probably end up claiming them ‘joint winners’…

3. Audiobooks

Services like Audible and the iTunes Store offer a superb range of audiobooks with loads of child fiction which will keep them engaged (or asleep) for mile after mile. Give it a go. If you'd rather not have to sit through hours and hours of Harry Potter, pop the audiobooks on an MP3 player or smartphone and let them while away the hours with headphones instead.

4. I spy…

Ok, this one is a bit old fashioned, but bear with us. It may not last the entire journey, but it’ll probably offer a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane for you and modern kids are often fascinated by traditional games.

5. In car entertainment

Nope, we’re not talking expensive headrest TVs and sound systems – you can offer just as much entertainment for little ones with a bit of lateral thinking. Buy a bunch of cheap toys (stickers, trinkets, figurines, etc), wrap them up and put them in a box you will call the ‘mystery travel activity box’. It’ll keep them busy and won’t cost you a fortune, we promise.


Enjoy your road trip, and remember to take a break at one of our hotels!

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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