How to make the most of a family holiday

27 May 2018

What are family holidays for? That’s right - fun!

Trawl the internet for advice on how to make the most of a family holiday, and you’ll be hit with numerous pieces of guidance on ‘surviving’ and what to do when everyone get bored.

This puts something of an unfair spin on what can (and should) be an incredibly enjoyable and memorable time with the people you love.

As with anything in life, the key lies in knowing how to make the most of the time you have, and with that in mind, the following 5 strategies will ensure your family holiday goes by without a hitch:

1. Document the best memories

This is a great strategy for future holidays, too.

At the end of each day, take a few minutes to write down what you got up to and focus on the stuff that provided the happiest memories for you.

This is a great way to remind yourself both now and for the future about the moments that matter the most while on holiday with the family.

2. Keep in mind everyone’s limits

Holidays can be a bit stressful and taxing on everyone after a while, therefore it’s important to remember your limits and stop when people need to kick back and relax.

You’ll obviously have a tonne of stuff you want to do, but remember that everyone (including you) has limits; the more you push the good times, the greater burden they’ll become.

Try and mix your time equally between relaxing and doing the sightseeing and attraction visiting - it’ll be worth it.

3. Get some exercise

This is an odd one… you’re on holiday, right?

Well, yep, that might be true, but a healthy body and healthy mind will ensure you all have as much fun as you deserve.

Bike rides, a spot of family jogging or just a simple, brisk walk through a local park is all you need to do to keep the heart rate up, release some endorphins and be healthy while on holiday.

4. Try and get something done while away

This will sound just as strange as tip 3, but it’s a good one.

If you can take at least one annoying task from your to-do list while on holiday, it’ll intensify the pleasure of the good stuff.

It might be updating your address list, finally sorting out that annoying issue with your laptop or renewing your life insurance policy - whatever it is, take it with you and get it done while you’re away.

Then, get on with the fun!

5. Overpack (if you can)

Assuming you’re taking a staycation holiday this year, you’ll have the benefit of not being governed by baggage allowances.

That means you can overpack (within reason) and take more stuff than you probably need. In doing so, you’ll always know that you have spares of the essentials and never run out of anything important as a result!

Final thought

See? There’s no such thing as ‘surviving’ a family holiday - it’s all about being smart about how you use the time you have available.

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