5 ways to keep kids entertained on long drives

11 May 2018

Although the summer holidays are still some way off, parents across the UK will no doubt already be planning a staycation or two for the family.

Staying in the UK is a great way to satisfy the holiday desires of everyone in the house, but there’s one element which is always guaranteed to be particularly tricky.

Whether you’re travelling for one or five hours in the car, you’ll need to ensure the kids remain entertained to prevent them from driving you to distraction (if you’ll excuse the pun). So, without further ado, here’s 5 ways to do just that while you head to your staycation destination of choice!

1. Play some old fashioned games

‘Eye spy’ admittedly gets a bit tiresome after a while, but even that will while away a few precious minutes while you’re driving.

Another great idea is to task the kids with spotting as many types of car as they can and keep a tally for what they see. Make it a challenge; the first person to spot ten BMWs gets a special snack treat. It’ll keep them occupied more comprehensively than you might think!

2. Allow them to invest time in apps

Screen time is undoubtedly something you work hard as a parent to limit, but there’s no harm in relaxing the rules a little during long drives.

If your kids are old enough to have their own tablets or smartphones, encourage them to download new apps and games before you leave. If you can, try and push them in the direction of the more educational stuff, and you should be guaranteed a fair amount of quiet time!

3. Get snappy

Once again, if the kids have their own devices, it’s likely they have their own camera, too.

Set another challenge for them to take the most inventive photos during the journey, and download an app or two that helps them edit or be creative with the photos themselves.

If they don’t have their own devices, give them the family camera and ask them to help you document the holiday - they’ll love being involved.

4. Play cards

This is another refreshingly old-fashioned take on car games, but a great one and something the kids will probably love.

You can buy old fashioned playing cards or top trumps pretty cheaply these days, so grab a bunch before you go and give them to the kids to play with. You’ll be surprised by how engaged they’ll be by this classic form of gaming.

5. Talk about what you’ll be doing on holiday!

One of the most exciting things you can do during your long car journey is talk about all the awesome stuff you’ll get up to once you get there!

Purposefully leave some of the planning for this moment, so you can spend the time running ideas by the kids and getting their input on what they’d like to do. It might spark the odd debate, but that’s no bad thing if it helps pass the time!

Wrapping up

Long car journeys can be a real bore, but use our tips above, and you should make it a far less painful process for everyone!

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