Food and Drink at Days Inn Hotels operated by Roadchef

At Days Inn at Roadchef, we have some fantastic food and drink options to make your stay at our Days Inn hotels even more enjoyable. You’ll find a Costa Coffee, serving the nation’s favourite coffee, as well as a 24 hour McDonald’s restaurant at every one of our locations. There’s also a wide selection of other restaurants, including Pret A Manger, LEON, Fresh Food Cafe, Chozen Noodle, The Cornish Bakery and many more!

  • Days Inn Cannock (Norton Canes M6 Toll)

  • Days Inn Chester

  • Days Inn Chesterfield

  • Days Inn Durham

  • Days Inn Hamilton

  • Days Inn Kendal

  • Days Inn Lockerbie

  • Days Inn Maidstone

  • Days Inn Newport Magor

  • Days Inn Sevenoaks

  • Days Inn Sutton Scotney North

  • Days Inn Sutton Scotney South

  • Days Inn Southampton

  • Days Inn Taunton

  • Days Inn Tewkesbury

  • Days Inn Watford Gap

  • Days Inn Stafford

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