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How to kill time in a hotel room

Hotel rooms are the perfect bolt hole during long business trips or those exciting times when you’re en route to the airport for a much-needed holiday and need to bed down for the night before taking to the air.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Maidstone

Maidstone is set in the heart of Kent and boasts a wealth of activities, excursions and days out for all the family. If you're heading downto this part of the country, why not visit the 'Garden of England' and make it a longer stay? You'll experience some exciting adventures, breathtaking views and fun for all the family!


Head for the beach! UK set for sizzling hot summer!

We've already seen some of the hottest days of the year hit in April and May and June has been off to a scorching start too! Forecasters have been predicting the rise in temperature to continue over summer with estimates that this year could beat the previous heat record of 38.5C as the extreme heatwaves sweep in from the continent.


Ridiculous Hotel Requests

It can often be boring travelling around the country on business. You spend most of the evening alone in your room with nothing to look forward to than then sandwiches at tomorrow's meeting. How could you make your hotel stays more interesting? By making ridiculous requests when booking your room of course!

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20 Ways to live a great life on a budget

As many people in the UK feel the pinch of multiple recessions, slow business growth, cutbacks and price hikes, many are looking to cut their spending but maintain the lifestyle they're accustomed to. Of course you won't get a Gucci bag for the same price as a Primark one, but there are many options out there to reduce your outgoings and still enjoy the things that make you happy. Life, on a budget.

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UK Travel Hacking

Travel Hacking - For UK Citizens One of the topics that we've seen crop up across the net recently is the increase of a term that until now has only been available to our American friends across the pond. It's a term which refers to the process of travelling the world via a system of collecting air miles, reward points, and loyalty schemes which allow some users to explore their dreams of world tours and distant locations for what seemed like very little. The reality seems that the majority of the schemes available to achieve this have been US-based and required amongst other things, a USA passport, address or credit card. So, all set to write an article on how travel hacking could get you free trips around the world, It was disappointing to realise that the majority of information online was geared towards the US market, and that holding a Switch card and having a Nectar rewards card wouldn't exactly get me to Australia. Or would it?